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Whiskers Pet Photography is a team of professional photographers who are mad about pets. None of our photographers are afraid of getting dirty to take extraordinary photos of your pets, even if that means lying in a muddy field or on a wet beach.  All of our photographers have many years of experience in photographing pets so you know you are guaranteed to end up with stunning pictures that you will treasure forever.  They know all the tricks in the book to get your pet to relax and have fun, allowing their personality to shine through in all of our photos. 

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Mike has had a love of photography for years. He has a very calm and relaxed manner which pets and animals pick up on. Pets are therefore happy around him and he has the patience that is needed to produce good results. Having had dogs, cats and other pets all his life, Mike is the ideal choice as a pet photographer. I have developed a great insight into pet behaviour over the years and this helps enormously when getting great photographs of them. Most of his time is spent on the floor getting the very best out of your pets.

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There are other professional photographers that are part of Whiskers pet photography covering some of the outer areas but Mike now covers the majority of the shoots himself.

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