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Pet Photography Retouching

Standard Pet Photo Editing

Just about every photographer applies some level of photo editing and retouching or post shoot modification to their images. This is irrespective of whether the photographer captured an architectural photograph, a product shot, a formal portrait or selection of informal wedding photos. Just a few years ago most retouching would have happened in the darkroom and under the glow of a red lamp however modern computer technology allows photographers full control with popular digital imaging and retouching software.

Here at Whiskers Pet Photography we are no different and apply the same level of post production and minor tweaks to ensure all of the pet photographs we take are the best possible. Without exception, all photographs have some basic level of editing before they leave our photographic labs. These include colour balance, contrast and tonal adjustments as well as framing and composition cropping and these edits are all included within our standard prices. Quite simply we insist upon these to ensure that every photograph that leaves our building is the best it can possible be.

Advanced Pet Photo Editing

You won’t be surprised to hear that dogs, cats, horses and pretty much most pets can be difficult to photograph. Very few take direction well and all too often pets can become quickly distracted as almost everything is more interesting than a photographer with a camera. In these scenarios we very often have little choice but to resort to using a thin dog lead, cat lead or long line to keep the pet on the spot. Of course we don’t chain them to the ground but simply guide them with a standard lead, as if they were on a walk. And of course with plenty of tasty treats too!

In these scenarios photographs can very often benefit from some additional photo editing to remove the lead (and sometimes handler too). Our photographers are all experts with Photoshop and know how to edit photographs to ensure they look their best.

Very often the removal of a distracting object in the background turns a nice photograph into a great photograph. The digital removal of a dog lead or horse lunge line allows viewers to focus on the most important part of the picture - the pet. The complexity of making these changes depends on the photograph but our photographers anticipate this stage of the process and always set the shots up to make editing as easy as possible.

All types of photograph retouching and photo editing are offered professionally and efficiently by Whiskers Pet Photography and priced upon request. Below are a few examples of pet photography images that have been additionally digitally retouched by Whiskers Pet Photography.

Equestrian Photography Professional Horse Photography
Pro Canine Photography Dog and puppy photo editing
Puppy Photography Puppy Photography

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