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What Experience To Choose?
The drop down list above is really there to help Whiskers Pet photography better understand what type of pet photography experience you would like. It's not intended to tightly define the package, as everything we do is tailored to your own preference. To help you choose the following describes the options.

Studio Shoot:
Quite simply your come along to our Pet Photography Studio in Hook, Hampshire and join us for an about an hour during which we shoot a wide variety of pet photographs. Multiple pets are allowed and we have coloured backgrounds, bright white backgrounds and a selection of popular props to ensure a mix of styles. If you wish you can also join in the fun and be captured on film with your pet. Our large infinity cove is very popular for the high key bright white images that are currently very contemporary and popular.

Location Shoot:
Choose this if you would prefer for us to come along to your house or join you on a favourite walk and capture you and your pets in familiar surroundings. This is ideal if you want us to capture a working gun dog, an obedience dog, your horse, an Alpaca or your sheep (yes, really!) or just your pet having fun. Location shoots normally last at least an hour and we capture a wide range of styles using natural and supplemental light.

Puppy Series:
Puppies grow so fast that those very special early months can be quickly missed and forgotten if they're not captured on film. We offer a special puppy package where our photographers will join you three times over a 9 month period in order to capture your dog growing up. Usually we join you shortly after you have collected your puppy which is typically at 12 weeks. we then join you again at 6 months and at 9 months. Our puppy package can use our studio, your house or preferred location or a combination of any venues. At the end of each shoot you will get to see the most recent photographs and of course see everything after all 3 sets have been photographed. This makes a lovely gift for someone who has just started out with a new puppy.


Should you have any questions about which style to choose or any other general enquiry then please do not hesitate to email or telephone us.

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