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On location dog photography

Whilst our photographic studio is certainly our most popular for dog photography...if you have a dog that you feel is not suitable then perhaps a location shoot would be better. We can come to your home, or meet you for a favourite walk etc

We are very used to photographing on location and have a wide range of professional equipment. On many walks we carry no more than our usual professional camera bodies, lenses and flashguns however when it’s suitable we can turn up with our complete portable studio.

Shooting at the beach or on a walk can deliver stunning results. What could be better than a dog playing in the woods or amongst the surf? Why not get involved as well? Especially if you and your dog work together or participate in agility or obedience.

Location photography doesn’t need bright sunshine or dry days unless you specially want a sunny day image. Some dogs look better wet or muddy. It’s what they’re about! Our photographers are used to working in the cold and rain and have professional equipment that’s weather sealed specifically so that we can work in these conditions. Of course we also like working in the sunshine too!