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Flyball is a fast-paced, dog relay sport that is fun for both dogs and their owners.  6 dogs can be in a team although only 4 race at a time, the aim of the game is for the dogs to go over 4 hurdles, trigger the box, catch the tennis ball and bring it back over the line, the first team to complete the course with all 4 dogs running error free wins.  As racing is split out into divisions, only teams of equal ability compete against each other meaning that any dog whether they are they are big or small, fast or slow and enjoy the sport.  Flyball provides an exciting exercise opportunity for your dog to channel their excess energy whatever their breed.

If you fancy checking it out then contact your local flyball club, below is a list of some from the south east.  Alternatively check out The British Flyball Association at www.flyball.org.uk.

Lightning Strikes

Harefield, Uxbridg www.lightningstrikesflyball.co.uk
Fourpaws Racing Uxbridge, Middlesex www.fprflyball.co.uk
Berkshire Bandits Maidenhead, Berkshire www.barkshirebandits.com
Rooky Racers Wokingham, Berkshire www.rookyracers.co.uk
Dream Team Dog Club Surrey www.dreamteamdogclub.co.uk
Mad Mutts Didcot, Oxfordshire www.madmutts.co.uk
Kennet Flyball Club Reading, Berkshire www.kennetflyballclub.co.uk

Delta Flyball Club

Tadley, Hampshire www.deltaflyballclub.co.uk
Buccaneers Flyball Team Odiham, Hampshire www.buccaneersflyball.com