Whiskers Pet Photography | Sunshine, wind & rain... but that's event photography for you ...

Sunshine, wind & rain... but that's event photography for you ...

July 21, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

The British weather continues to challenge our summer however it never seems to  dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of pet owners who in general are a hardy bunch. Dog shows and dog flyball events are almost always well attended and very rarely postponed due to bad weather. I’ve even seen flyballers camp in the snow to ensure they get a full days racing. Now that's hardcore!

Animal Event Photography The British weather was predictably changeable on the weekend of 14th & 15th July when Whiskers Pet Photography attended the Mad Mutts Flyball weekend as the official event photographer.

Saturday saw some brilliant racing between 3 divisions and a starter’s session whilst Sunday was a mammoth 5 division day that started early and finished late into the evening. Clearly everyone had a great time and some excellent racing was to be seen by all attending.

Whilst Whiskers Pet Photography can print at the event and on-site, this time we were asked to take pictures on the day of the event and than make them available afterwards via the Whiskers Pet Photography website. We love this approach as it allows us to focus on capturing great images on the day and then spend time afterward to post process each set of shots to ensure each image is individually vetted and of the highest quality.

Our aim is always to deliver the very best flyball picture we can. We also love pets and photography and there's nothing better than like being able to spend a day focusing on just great photography and not sales. After all we're great photographers and not great sales reps. Of course every pet image that passes our high standard is made online via the Whiskers Pet Photography website where there’s no pressure, no hard sell and a great selection of print sizes at affordable prices.

Flyball Team photography from this event can be viewed online in our Flyball Event Section.

If you are holding a pet show, dog event or horse gymkhana and would like a professional pet photographer to attend and record the day and offer pet owners quality animal photography then please do not hesitate to contact Whiskers Pet Photography and ask us to attend. Our professional dog and pet photographers cover Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire and are available 7 days each week with only short notice required.


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