Whiskers Pet Photography | Dream Team Flyball Competition at Guildford ...

Dream Team Flyball Competition at Guildford ...

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The weather man predicted flood warnings and that a whole month's worth of rain would fall in just 24 hours but us flyball folk are a hardy breed so undeterred we headed off to Guildford at 7am.  The grey skies were ominous but we arrived in good spirits, there was a great turnout with many brave competitors having stayed in caravans or tents the night before.  I overheard one competitor mention that all other flyball events across the country had been cancelled and that this was the only competition running. I couldn’t help wonder what we had let ourselves in for?


Flyball at Shalford Park, Guildford

As it turned out, luck was on our side and the weather wasn’t too bad. It was certainly dark and overcast for much of the day and we did get the odd downpour but as always the Dream Team put on an excellent flyball tournament and had prepared for this. Covering the competition lanes to keep as much rain of the lanes saved the day and meant that the competition could continue.


It is always nice being asked to photograph someone’s pet and today was no different.  A few competitors asked for pictures to be taken of their dog competing as well as several people who had just added new puppies to their families.  Everyone knows that puppies don’t stay puppies for very long and before you know it they have become fully grown dogs so it is extra special to be able to capture these precious moments.  In fact some people have photo sessions every few weeks to capture every stage of their puppies development.

Flyball dogs are relatively straightforward to photograph since they are very predictable...most of the time!  Puppies on the other hand are a completely different ball game and are notoriously difficult to photograph, especially with all of the distractions at a busy dog show. However a pocket full of treats and a whole lot of patience along with lots of fun and silliness to keep the puppies attention worked a charm and resulted in some fantastic puppy portraits that their owners will treasure forever. 


If you’re competing at a flyball event in the south of England and see a photographer with the Bone Idol Flyball Team then come and say hello, it would be great to meet you and I could even take some pictures of your dogs.


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