Whiskers Pet Photography | Someone didn't tell our dogs that it's the wettest June on record ...

Someone didn't tell our dogs that it's the wettest June on record ...

June 14, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


There are very few sights as mesmerising as a dog splashing through water and some dogs just love to splash and splash and splash.  If your dog loves playing in the water then the wettest June on record will not only provide some great splashing opportunities but also some exceptional photographic opportunities also.  Photographing dogs can be hard at the best of times, especially when they are rushing around enjoying themselves.  Here are some tips on how to capture photos like the one below of our German Shepherd running through the rain water at Dinton Pastures in Winnersh, Berkshire.

The most important thing you can do to get great photos of your dog is to make their movement as predictable as possible.  Impossible you might say!  But is your dog interested in a toy? Perhaps a ball or a squeaky toy, if you use toys to get your dog to play then not only can you predict which way they will be moving but you will also get much more expressive pictures of your dog.

Another important tip is lighting, too bright and the light can whiteout your dog and too dark and you won’t get clear shots so experiment with different amounts of light to get the best results.  And the most important tip of all....have fun with your dog and it will shine through in your photos.

If you’re not confident enough with your camera or would like professional quality results then why not contact us and one of our photographers can join you for a photographic walk and capture the magic for you to treasure forever.

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