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Just How Quickly Do Puppies Grow Up?

October 01, 2012  •  2 Comments

Just How Quickly Do Puppies Grow Up?

Capturing your beloved dog in their puppy phase is a matter of taking action quickly! Depending on the breed of your bog, it may only be three months before they have reached their full size and losing their puppy fluff! As a general rule, smaller breeds of dog mature faster than larger breeds. Therefore, while a 5-month old Maltese might be off exploring and sniffing its way around independently, a German Shepherd of the same age will still be on your coat-tails every time you turn around! Regardless, even larger dogs grow up so fast. However, how can you capture these memories in the best way possible?

Puppy photography Many people opt to have professional images taken of their puppies while they remain in the playful stage of his or her life. These images make for fantastic presents and can be professionally printed, framed and hung up to keep forever.

Many professional pet photographers offer special puppy packages that includes three separate photography sessions for the price of two.  This captures the cuteness of the puppy as they grow up and a framed picture containing images from 3, 6 and 9 months makes a special wall hanging.


Setting The Perfect Scene for your Image

Studio shots allow for highly controlled and staged environments where the puppies coat can be brushed just right, and lighting can be used to get the best colour possible. Staged shots with all sorts of props, lights and different lens mean that the original photos can be more controlled. This makes editing even easier when it comes to producing the perfect photograph, but is it the best way to do it?

With the above in mind, is there a better way of catching your puppy's unique personality than when they are at their most playful?. This normally means being outside, where there are a host of interesting objects and smells to explore. Seasons often come into play a lot with these images, and with the impending arrival of autumn, having an image of your puppy frolicking in the autumn leaves may be the perfect image.

Photos can be taken on the beach, in woodlands, on farms, or wherever it is that you normally take your dog for 'walkies'. Professional photographers, like us, have the experience of catching a dog 'in action'. You can get a great still shot of your puppy playing energetically with their favourite toy or running through the water on the beach.

If you know someone that has a young puppy, and you think they might like a present such a photograph which will allow them to cherish the memories of their dog as a puppy for years to come, then take advantage of our gift voucher scheme. The voucher is elegantly presented and so ideal for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. Your friend can spend the voucher as they wish on any type of photo shoot for their puppy.



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