A Woodland Photo Shoot with Alvin ...

May 24, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Alvin's quite a lively little Bichon Frise cross West Highlander terrier and prone to getting quite muddy as he loves to walk amongst the wood near Finchampsted, Berkshire. Alvin's recall and obedience is still a 'work in progress' which means that for the time being Alvin has to be kept on a long flexi-lead at all times .

Quite a challenge for the amateur photographer however a scenario that we are quite used to. Walking Alvin along one of his favourite walks immediately helped to put his at easy since he knew where to go and what to expect. We always take our time as patience usually plays off and this was no exception. Almost an hour into our walk and Alvin took a few minutes to rest under the dappled shade of a large tree and we ceased our moment to capture him looking his best.

Woodland walk and pet portrait Of course after the shoot and back in our studio we removed the lead since it was distracting to the image but this was simple and took just a few minutes in Photoshop. The final result was series of lovely dog portraits captured on location. The owners will be pleased with these!


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