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Finding a gift for a friend or a loved one can seem somewhat a difficult task, however when it comes to dog lovers and dog owners, pet photography could just be the answer. Giving the receiver a one-to-one pet photography session, capturing their dog’s full personality makes a really special present. Whatever the breed and regardless of age, dog are loved.

Christmas Dog Gift for Dog Lovers

Why not consider a dog gift voucher for a friend with children and have them included in the photographic session. Children and dogs are just made for each other.

A dog photography gift  is a lasting gift that provides dog lovers with a lifetime of pleasure. Professionally finished images look great as in desk frames or as wall hung pictures. Trptych presentations (3 images in a single frame, separated by a cut mount) look especially good and are very popular. Digital images can also be used as cover images onn Facebook and shared with friends abroad.

Personalised pet gifts such as the pet photography available in our studio can be a sentimental gift showing your loved one, not only do you care but you know them well. All of our dog gift vouchers can be purchased online via our website.

Our Pet Photography Gift Vouchers start from as little £50 so to treat a friend or a loved one and their dog to a photography session is very affordable. Our vouchers allow the recipient to choose from either a studio or outside location experience where our team of pet photographers aim to capture that true sense of character of the animals they take pictures of. So if you require a truly unique personalised gift for a dog lover, look no further than Whiskers Pet Photography.

Our specialist pet studio is located in Hook, Hampshire while our team of photographers covers Berkshire, Surrey and surrounding counties.

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Just How Quickly Do Puppies Grow Up? http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/10/just-how-quickly-do-puppies-grow-up Just How Quickly Do Puppies Grow Up?

Capturing your beloved dog in their puppy phase is a matter of taking action quickly! Depending on the breed of your bog, it may only be three months before they have reached their full size and losing their puppy fluff! As a general rule, smaller breeds of dog mature faster than larger breeds. Therefore, while a 5-month old Maltese might be off exploring and sniffing its way around independently, a German Shepherd of the same age will still be on your coat-tails every time you turn around! Regardless, even larger dogs grow up so fast. However, how can you capture these memories in the best way possible?

Puppy photography Many people opt to have professional images taken of their puppies while they remain in the playful stage of his or her life. These images make for fantastic presents and can be professionally printed, framed and hung up to keep forever.

Many professional pet photographers offer special puppy packages that includes three separate photography sessions for the price of two.  This captures the cuteness of the puppy as they grow up and a framed picture containing images from 3, 6 and 9 months makes a special wall hanging.


Setting The Perfect Scene for your Image

Studio shots allow for highly controlled and staged environments where the puppies coat can be brushed just right, and lighting can be used to get the best colour possible. Staged shots with all sorts of props, lights and different lens mean that the original photos can be more controlled. This makes editing even easier when it comes to producing the perfect photograph, but is it the best way to do it?

With the above in mind, is there a better way of catching your puppy's unique personality than when they are at their most playful?. This normally means being outside, where there are a host of interesting objects and smells to explore. Seasons often come into play a lot with these images, and with the impending arrival of autumn, having an image of your puppy frolicking in the autumn leaves may be the perfect image.

Photos can be taken on the beach, in woodlands, on farms, or wherever it is that you normally take your dog for 'walkies'. Professional photographers, like us, have the experience of catching a dog 'in action'. You can get a great still shot of your puppy playing energetically with their favourite toy or running through the water on the beach.

If you know someone that has a young puppy, and you think they might like a present such a photograph which will allow them to cherish the memories of their dog as a puppy for years to come, then take advantage of our gift voucher scheme. The voucher is elegantly presented and so ideal for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. Your friend can spend the voucher as they wish on any type of photo shoot for their puppy.


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Eastleigh Borough Council Dog Fun Day http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/9/eastleigh-borough-council-dog-fun-day Eastleigh Borough Council Dog Fun Day 2012. This year's annual Eastleigh Dog Fun Day supported both Second Chance Rescue Centre and Wessex Heartbeat Charity and Whiskers pet Photography was very pleased to attend and take part in all the fun. As always there were lots of attractions plus lots of great pet and dog advice which included free vets checks and dog micro-chipping. Face painting and games for the children plus the very popular fun dog show.  

Dog Show Event Photography Dog show classes were very varied and included The Cutest Puppy, Golden Oldie, Poshest Pedigree, Prettiest Bitch, Most Handsome Dog, Coolest Crossbreed, Best Rescue Dog, Best Rescue Bitch, Waggiest Tail, Kidsz & Mutz, Dog in Best Condition and Dog Most Like its Owner. Of course there was also Reserve Best in Show & Best in Show. Competitors both young and old enjoyed taking part and joining in all the fun.

The weather was amazing considering it was September and close to the coast. Temperatures soared and were probably close to 28degress but it didn’t put people of from trying their dogs on the Bone Idol Flyball Team  dog skirmish and the ‘Have a Go Flyball’ courses.

Lots of money was raised for charity and the event was supported by the mayor. Whiskers Pet Photography captured all the fun of the Dog Show and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone.

If you have a dog or pet show coming up and need a professional photographer to attend and capture all the fun and events of the day then simply email or telephone us with details and we’ll be sure to attend.  


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Preparation ensures fun family and pet studio photography ... http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/8/family-pet-studio-photo-fun Owning our own photographic studio means we do not have to worry about making a mess and can take as long as we need. In our experience not having to rush makes a big difference as allowing dogs time to settle and to get to know the people, equipment and environment inevitably helps capture better images.

Family and pet photography We are also lucky enough to have car parking right outside and also a few local fields where energetic dogs can stretch their legs. Plenty of fresh water and tasty treats are always on hand and we recommend non canine models come prepared with at least 2 outfits. All of these details we discuss prior to the shoot so that everyone knows what’s happening and can therefore focus on making sure the dogs do not get stressed.

The photo on this page was taken just last week for a couple who have 4 dogs and wanted a special image in an acrylic frame to hang in their living room. They came with some ideas and we worked with those and modified them to finally capture an amazing image that will become a treasure for years to come.

If you’d like to come down to our own pet photography studio in Hook, Hampshire then simply call us to organise a convenient time and we can discuss ideas at the same time.

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Magic hour horse photography ... http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/8/magic-hour-photography-for-horeses-and-animals There’s a special time of day that photographers refer to as the ‘magic hour’. It has little to do with card tricks but never less is as mesmerising. The ‘magic hour’ is the special time of the day when the sun is setting low in the sky and has real warmth to its colour. Fashion and beauty photographers love to shoot models at this time of day since it enhances their natural beauty and radiant skin tones.

Magic hour animal photography Well it’s no different for animal and pet photographers and especially suitable if you have the chance to photograph an impressive chestnut coloured horse. The warm of the sun really enriches the deep browns and red undertones making the horse look all the more impressive. It certainly is a sight to behold.

We last week Whiskers Pet Photography was lucky enough to be asked to shoot just such a special horse before he went off to spend the rest of his days in leisurely  retirement. The owner had watched known the horse since birth and wanted a special set of images to record the beautiful animal before she lost daily contact.

If you live in and around the Thames Valley or somewhere in between Buckinghamshire and Surrey and own a horse then why not consider asking Whiskers Pet Photography to come along one sunny evening and let us photography your favourite animal or pet during the magical golden hour that animal photographers really love.

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Sunshine, wind & rain... but that's event photography for you ... http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/7/sunshine-rain-but-thats-event-photography-for-you The British weather continues to challenge our summer however it never seems to  dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of pet owners who in general are a hardy bunch. Dog shows and dog flyball events are almost always well attended and very rarely postponed due to bad weather. I’ve even seen flyballers camp in the snow to ensure they get a full days racing. Now that's hardcore!

Animal Event Photography The British weather was predictably changeable on the weekend of 14th & 15th July when Whiskers Pet Photography attended the Mad Mutts Flyball weekend as the official event photographer.

Saturday saw some brilliant racing between 3 divisions and a starter’s session whilst Sunday was a mammoth 5 division day that started early and finished late into the evening. Clearly everyone had a great time and some excellent racing was to be seen by all attending.

Whilst Whiskers Pet Photography can print at the event and on-site, this time we were asked to take pictures on the day of the event and than make them available afterwards via the Whiskers Pet Photography website. We love this approach as it allows us to focus on capturing great images on the day and then spend time afterward to post process each set of shots to ensure each image is individually vetted and of the highest quality.

Our aim is always to deliver the very best flyball picture we can. We also love pets and photography and there's nothing better than like being able to spend a day focusing on just great photography and not sales. After all we're great photographers and not great sales reps. Of course every pet image that passes our high standard is made online via the Whiskers Pet Photography website where there’s no pressure, no hard sell and a great selection of print sizes at affordable prices.

Flyball Team photography from this event can be viewed online in our Flyball Event Section.

If you are holding a pet show, dog event or horse gymkhana and would like a professional pet photographer to attend and record the day and offer pet owners quality animal photography then please do not hesitate to contact Whiskers Pet Photography and ask us to attend. Our professional dog and pet photographers cover Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire and are available 7 days each week with only short notice required.

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Dream Team Flyball Competition at Guildford ... http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/7/dream-team-flyball-competition-at-guildford  

The weather man predicted flood warnings and that a whole month's worth of rain would fall in just 24 hours but us flyball folk are a hardy breed so undeterred we headed off to Guildford at 7am.  The grey skies were ominous but we arrived in good spirits, there was a great turnout with many brave competitors having stayed in caravans or tents the night before.  I overheard one competitor mention that all other flyball events across the country had been cancelled and that this was the only competition running. I couldn’t help wonder what we had let ourselves in for?


Flyball at Shalford Park, Guildford

As it turned out, luck was on our side and the weather wasn’t too bad. It was certainly dark and overcast for much of the day and we did get the odd downpour but as always the Dream Team put on an excellent flyball tournament and had prepared for this. Covering the competition lanes to keep as much rain of the lanes saved the day and meant that the competition could continue.


It is always nice being asked to photograph someone’s pet and today was no different.  A few competitors asked for pictures to be taken of their dog competing as well as several people who had just added new puppies to their families.  Everyone knows that puppies don’t stay puppies for very long and before you know it they have become fully grown dogs so it is extra special to be able to capture these precious moments.  In fact some people have photo sessions every few weeks to capture every stage of their puppies development.

Flyball dogs are relatively straightforward to photograph since they are very predictable...most of the time!  Puppies on the other hand are a completely different ball game and are notoriously difficult to photograph, especially with all of the distractions at a busy dog show. However a pocket full of treats and a whole lot of patience along with lots of fun and silliness to keep the puppies attention worked a charm and resulted in some fantastic puppy portraits that their owners will treasure forever. 


If you’re competing at a flyball event in the south of England and see a photographer with the Bone Idol Flyball Team then come and say hello, it would be great to meet you and I could even take some pictures of your dogs.

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Someone didn't tell our dogs that it's the wettest June on record ... http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/6/the-wettest-june-on-record-but-some-dogs-just-dont-care  

There are very few sights as mesmerising as a dog splashing through water and some dogs just love to splash and splash and splash.  If your dog loves playing in the water then the wettest June on record will not only provide some great splashing opportunities but also some exceptional photographic opportunities also.  Photographing dogs can be hard at the best of times, especially when they are rushing around enjoying themselves.  Here are some tips on how to capture photos like the one below of our German Shepherd running through the rain water at Dinton Pastures in Winnersh, Berkshire.

The most important thing you can do to get great photos of your dog is to make their movement as predictable as possible.  Impossible you might say!  But is your dog interested in a toy? Perhaps a ball or a squeaky toy, if you use toys to get your dog to play then not only can you predict which way they will be moving but you will also get much more expressive pictures of your dog.

Another important tip is lighting, too bright and the light can whiteout your dog and too dark and you won’t get clear shots so experiment with different amounts of light to get the best results.  And the most important tip of all....have fun with your dog and it will shine through in your photos.

If you’re not confident enough with your camera or would like professional quality results then why not contact us and one of our photographers can join you for a photographic walk and capture the magic for you to treasure forever.

Dog splash


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A Woodland Photo Shoot with Alvin ... http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/5/a-photo-shoot-with-alvin Alvin's quite a lively little Bichon Frise cross West Highlander terrier and prone to getting quite muddy as he loves to walk amongst the wood near Finchampsted, Berkshire. Alvin's recall and obedience is still a 'work in progress' which means that for the time being Alvin has to be kept on a long flexi-lead at all times .

Quite a challenge for the amateur photographer however a scenario that we are quite used to. Walking Alvin along one of his favourite walks immediately helped to put his at easy since he knew where to go and what to expect. We always take our time as patience usually plays off and this was no exception. Almost an hour into our walk and Alvin took a few minutes to rest under the dappled shade of a large tree and we ceased our moment to capture him looking his best.

Woodland walk and pet portrait Of course after the shoot and back in our studio we removed the lead since it was distracting to the image but this was simple and took just a few minutes in Photoshop. The final result was series of lovely dog portraits captured on location. The owners will be pleased with these!

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Pet Photography on location in Hampshire http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/4/pet-photography-on-location-in-hampshire Logan loves a walk. Like many dogs he's totally hyper to get out of the house and to the park. If we were to try and photograph Logan in this state then we'd never capture the fun and cheeky character that shines through after 20 minutes of running around and letting off some steam.

Hampshire pet photography walkDog Walking Photography We are all too experienced with this scenario and know we're better off going with the flow for at least the first 30 minutes as quite simply Logan, like many dogs, isn't interested in us or our cameras. We simply spend this time to get to know the dog and watch him at play as this allows us to learn what might and what might not work. Not all dogs behave the same and whilst some need lots of coaching to get them to play, others need a much quieter and calmer approach. Logan was one of these dogs!


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Welcome to Whiskers Pet Photography ... http://www.whiskerspetphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/3/pet-photos  

So what is Whisker Pet Photography?

Well quite simply Whiskers Pet Photography aim to provide creative, quality pet photographs at affordable prices. We’re nuts about mutts and dedicated to the craft of photography. We have been professionally associated with photography for over a decade and even have our very own pet photographic studio in Hook, Hampshire.

Pet photography hampshire

What sets us apart from many other pet photography services is that we are not amateurs doing this in our spare time, we are a group of 6 professional pet photographers who each have a wealth of experience and all add something different to our offering. Our unique approach means that we are able to be extremely flexible and can cover any event at short notice no matter how large.  All of our photographers have a wealth of experience but they all have their own specialities, some have more horse and equestrienne experience whilst others have more cat or dog photography experience under their belts.  All of our photographers are equipped with the latest professional equipment from Canon & Nikon and we also have event lighting and portable studio equipment meaning we can cope with almost any situation. 

Our photographers are based in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Buckinghamshire which means we are able to cover most of the south of England and are equally happy shooting at a preferred location such as a beach, field or forest, in the comfort of a client’s home or at our photographic studio.

We take strive for the highest quality and always aim to capture stunning dog, cat and horse portraits whether they are for display at home or for commercial use. Whatever your pet or animal photography needs are, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to email or call for more information.


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